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Do satanist preform blood sacrifices?

i'm trying to be weird or offensive or anything....just curious....i mean like ive heard they sacrifice animals.....and i heard rumors they've used humans......this true?


No, Satanists do not perform blood sacrifices. Satanists acknowledge that Satan does not require self sacrifice, animal sacrifice or human sacrifice. You, like many others, have heard misconceptions regarding Satanism. Christians claim that Satan is a deceiver, but they themselves spread disinformation regarding other religions.
heard stuff like that too. idk, if it's true, it's unthinkable to join a religion like that. why would u anyway? not that i am saying that what u are trying to do. just in general. why would anybody? ever ask that? if god cant provide us with the things we need, what would make anyone think the devil would be more powerful? pah, there is no god and there is no devil. worshipping them is a waste of time, period. any sacrifice in their name is just sad and very disturbing to my mind. i dont want to be curious about it at all. and yes, i am an atheist. good luck.
There are different varieties of Satanism. I suppose some of the more radical and bizarre theistic branches might do these things but most of what I have read is that most don't support such activities. The Church of Satan is actually nontheistic and only sees Satan as a archetypal figure. They actually have it as one of the things they are not in favor of to sacrifice animals. They don't harm humans in rituals, the rituals are symbolic actions only. They are strongly opposed to harming children. I heard that Lavey once in reply to someone asking about child sacrifice said that while he never advocated human sacrifice if he ever did so it would be of a child abuser rather then a child.
I assume you mean Satanists, plural. There are a very few who make use of animal sacrifices, but none who deliberately kill humans. The trouble with Satanism is so many people call themselves Satanists who just think it's about being shocking, evil and anti-god. This is not the reality at all, which is far more complex and amazing than most people will ever know, especially as god wants to keep them in ignorance.
answer: no. That's Christian propaganda and a handful of devil worshipers like Richard Ramirez. They are NOT Satanists. Satanists protect animals and children. The majority of Satanists don't believe in any deity, including Satan so there is no need to sacrifice to an archetype.

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