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Do Virgin Mobile phones work with Ford's Sync?

I'm buying a 2009 Ford Fusion SE with Sync. Does it support Virgin Mobile phones? I have no way of testing before I buy the car.


That's wrong
Can you elaborate?
thanks everyone for all the answers.
I have an ATT Blackberry pearl that is fully compatible with Sync. If your virgin mobile phone has bluetooth capabilities then it will be compatible with Ford's Sync technology. With Sync any type of phone with bluetooth will be able to connect to Sync and you will be able to download the address book to the car, place phone calls through speech recognition, and if you have a memory card with songs in your phone, you will be able to listen to them through your car's speaker system wirelessly using Sync's Bluetooth Audio function without having to plug your phone into the auxiliary input located on the center console. If the dealer you buy your car from is in a good mood, then you may be able to test out the Sync functions on the car lot, since any phone information can be deleted from the car. Congratulations on your car purchase. I have a Focus with sync, and the handsfree feature has really improved my quality of driving and ease of calling people while traveling at 65 mph on a busy highway. Be sure to read the Sync guide book you will receive from the dealer, there are functions that commercials, and even the dealer won't tell you about, such as being able to run your own vehicle diagnostics through sync, and much more.

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