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Do you know any cool facts for these topics? (there are a lot)?

Here are the topics.Corn and WheatAcidAirplanes and JetsBig Machines, Earth MoversBuildings and BridgesCar WashesCarbonCoffeeCoin Operated MachinesThe ColdestCopperDamsDiamonds and Diamond MinesFamous or Large Cities in the USAFood and CandyIce CreamIronLeadMagnetsMost DangerousOil Tankers and Ice BreakersOuter Space and our Solar SystemRatsRoads and HighwaysSaltSiliconSilverTheStates or the USA in GeneralTitaniumTrainsTrees and LumberyardsTrucksWeather FactsAnd yes most of these were from the show Modern MarvelsHere is why I want info on these topicsI am doing a project that I want to do to see how many facts I can get from Modern Marvels and the internetI would love it if you could give me awesome facts on any of these topicsAlso, you don't have to give me facts on all of these topics, just at least a couple.Also, you can just give me links, but above the links you have, type what topic that link is for.Thank you very much if you answer!


People complain about logging because trees are being cut down at rates entirely too rapid to sustain the way the world is currently using tree related productsDo trees grow back? Yes, of course they doThat's the beauty of natureHowever, it takes decades for one tree to fully grow back, while it takes a few minutes for hundreds to be destroyedThis not only destroys countless amounts of animals homes (animals, who, by the way, were there first), but it is also pernicious to the environment These are neither subjective or arbitrary facts, but realityFurthermore, humans waste paper at an extremely disconcerting and gratuitous rateIf we were to recyle more, this would not be as big of an issue, but humans seem to refuse to recycle, and instead opt to cut down more trees, which are the very things that give us oxygen and support the lives of everything on earthClear cutting is terrible, yes, but so are most forms of loggingIf logging companies decided to utilize selective logging, the world would be in better shape, but most of these companies only seem concerned with their bottom line, and how much money they bring home at the end of the dayReally, this is not such a difficult thing to fixAll we need is a little time and a lot of cooperation, which I guess is asking too muchDeforestion is a major, major problem, and the attitude many people seem to be taking, like, for example, saying, Oh, well, the trees will just grow back, right? is extremely precariousThis is an issue that we can not simply let fall by the way side, for if we do, trust me, the world is in a great deal of trouble.

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