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Do you think it is cheaper to make clothes ect by a sewing machine or buying them?

just wondering what other people think before i go out buying one i want to make curtians clothing, hem dresses and make bed sheets and dooners do you think its cheaper buying them from a shop or buying the materials and makeing them? i only really want to spend around the $200 mark on a sewing machineany answers would be great thanks so much 4 ur time


I agree with the other answers.For some clothing it is cheaper to buy than make it, like plain shirts and pants and skirtsBut for nicer dresses and things like tailored blazers, if you learn to sew well you will save some money and get a nicer item with custom fit if you do it yourselfYou don't have to spend $200 on a machineIn fact, reconditioned used machines are just as good and cheaperYou only need something that goes forward and back and has a settting for making zigzag button holesIn fact I have sewed for almost 50 years, since I was in 5th grade, on a 90 year old Singer treadle powered machine on which I have sewn everything from prom gowns to down sleeping bags to slip coversIt has attachments for buttonholes, pleating and hemming and actually works better than the two high end electric machines I inherited from my momSheets are not something you can normally sew because standard fabric doesn't come as wide as sheets areBut you can save money by buying twin flat sheets to cut up to sew pillow cases out ofYou can also make a queen fitted sheet out of a full sized flat by square stitching the cornersAnd it is easy to make duvet covers for comforters by just stitching two sheets together and putting ties or buttons on one sideMost of us who sew do it for the pleasure of creativity and to get something that has custom fit and our personal styleAlso better qualityI have tailored cotton shirts I sewed for myself 15 years ago that still look great because I sewed them so carefully with reinforced seams and nice liningsSaving money is not the main issue, except for alterations like hemming skirts and shortening and taking in pants.

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