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Do you want the electric iron to be calibrated?

Our company's iron is in the calibration, that is only measuring the temperature, I think it is measurement, not calibration. Does anyone know that?


The electric iron is only a tool to meet the use requirements, and it does not involve volume transmission, and no calibration is necessary
Electric iron is just a heating tool. If you need to control the temperature, there are many ways, such as voltage, current, or soldering iron. If you want to measure the temperature of a certain point, you can use a point thermometer".
I also encountered this problem, because there are iron is to display the temperature, sometimes the operator to display the temperature of the temperature of the iron, if in this case, the process is affecting the performance of the product, so I think it is necessary to calibrate the thermometer every day. But if the inspection iron, does not require calibration the thermometer is calibrated. Need.

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