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dodge cold air intake?

hello all,i have a 2008 dodge charger daytona r/t with a 5.7 litre.i am interested in installing a cold air intake system.i see many brands available out there.ones that caught my eye were kn typhoon and original mopar.i am looking for that deep growl sound when you open it up and get on it.i am open to any suggestions at this time.thanks againmr.b


yes you can you will just have 5 cm more rubber on the road (theyre wider-xxx/75r-xx as long as the x's still match)
U should be just fine,as long as u have enough clearance,but u should be ok.
My truck has a nice little rumble thanks to a 2 chamber flowmaster with a duel output on the exhaust. But at the same time I think the cat is burned out. If you want to change the sounds look to exhaust mods. And please don't get glass packs or cherry bomb exhaust because I think the sound sux.
Cold Air intake is a minimal mod, mostly for show, they wont provide any noticeable gain therefore choose the one that looks the best for you and you will be happy with it. If you like to do mods to your car, you can check the impact (0-60,1/4, etc) on performance using a car performance simulator (NxGTR Sim) try at source link below
Yes, as long as you change all four.

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