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Does a rug NEED to have a shoulder gusset?

thinking of getting 2 of the kool coat lites! (the white rug with light blue lining, and no shoulder gusset)whats your opinion, and if u own this rug, is it a good rug


The Kool coats are good rugs. Personally I don't use the lites, I use the regular as they are more resistant to rips etc. Same rug cut, just a heavier material. If it is hot where you are they will be great for your horse. My fellow had the regular on all summer (NSW/VIC border 44c) and I never found him sweating at all. But if you horse is not in with others who may rip it, the lite will be fine. They are a very generous rug in size, generally don't rub and have a good tail flap. They are a really good price and the sale is going to end soon! Now.... on that note.... I really did not need to be directed to the Horseland catalogue, as I have already spent WAAAAY TOO MUCH already this month!!! Seeing the catalogue reminded of a couple of things I could get, that I really don't need. LOL ;-) They rug will be fine for you. Good luck ;-) ADD - I use the weatherbeeta rugs with belly straps and my cottons don't have belly straps. As long as you have them adjusted correctly they are fine ;-)
Aug 23, 2017
I dont know this rug but shoulder gussets are not needed to be a great fitting rug. I have lots that dont have the gussets and they fit better than some that I own that do have the gusset.
Aug 23, 2017
No a blanket does not need a shoulder gusset. All those do is give a little extra range of movement. It's really only needed if your horse enjoys running around his paddock.
Aug 23, 2017

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