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Does KC have any highrise housing projects?

Doing a report on the history of KC and I was wondering if we've ever had any if those high rise housing projects like cabrini-green.


Not anymore BUT in the 1960's there was a high rise housing project on about 12th and Woodland called Wayne MinerIf I remember correctly there were 4 13 story high rise buildings and a number of garden apartment type buildingsIt was built to have about 800 families but because of it's reputation, it was never more than 60% occupiedIt was demolished in 1987, 27 years after being built I was a caseworker with Family Services at that time and I HATED to go to Wayne MinerIt was unsafe to ride the elevators because of the crime, and the stairwells smelled of urineThey actually used chain link fence on the walkways of the building because of things being thrown over the sidesIt was also roach infested.

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