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Does rubber cement warp plastic?

I was putting together a process book for one of my classes and was gluing some work, using rubber cement, to paper and slipping it in plastic sleeves. A little while later I noticed that a lot of the plastic sleeves where warped where the rubber cement was. The plastic sleeves and rubber cement never made contact but it was warped where it was on the back of the paper. Does this normally happen? And if it does, is there a certain amount of time I should wait until I put the slips of paper into the plastic sleeves so it doesn't warp?


The answer is YES, it will warp plastic.
Warps Plastic
Yes, Because rubber cement shrinks when it drys and hardens. I'd recommend laminating if you absolutely have to seal the sleeves, you can try way paper and an iron its worked for me before and any arts and crafts store like Michelle's should have real lamination sets at affordable prices.

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