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dog keeps slipping on floors?

So we recently redid the floors in the kitchen and the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. It's a different type of wood from the rest of the floors, and my 7 or 8 year old Australian Shepherd mix has been having a LOT of trouble with it. She has been slipping up a bit here and there, but then she flat-out fell, and I've banned her from going upstairs. She hurt her legs (old bones) a while back, and she's almost completely better. During that time we redid the floors and she wasn't allowed to go upstairs. Now we were going to allow her to go upstairs, but I'm too afraid that she'll slip and fall. We cannot get carpet runners for the stairs; that's my main problem. Her nails were just trimmed and she still has problems. What should I do?


Why can't you get carpet runners??
Just takes time for her to learn to adjust. She will.
if all else fails, you may want to look into a set of 'dog slippers' ....they are like little socks with rubbery soles to prevent slipping :)
Try trimming the fur on her feet, between her toes and between her toe pads. That should help. I use a mustache scissor to get in there good to remove the hair.

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