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Downloadable Content on USB Loaders?

Okay,so I was wondering if you can download content to your Wii if your using a USB loader to get it.In my case,The Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC map packs finally come out for Wii this November and will be purchased using Wii points in the Wii shop channel.If I were running USB loader instead of the actual disc (because my legally purchased copy was broken by my dumb sister awhile back),can I download the map packs without a problem?It would besuch a waste of 20 bucks for a Wii points card if it didn't work because nothing in the Wii shop channel interests me.I really want the map packs but it would suck if I wasn't able to download them,so this is really bugging me lately.If anyone can tell me if it will work or not and if it doesn't if there is a solution.Big thanks to everybody!


Ive tried utilising telephone techniques, doesnt artwork for that. you may could desire to acquire them with the aid of your telephones browser for them to acquire and artwork precise. There are some techniques you will locate on the internet to do this with the aid of your computing device yet they are in a position to be complicated.
I dont knwo for sure but since usb loader tricks the wii into thinking it's loading from the dvd drive and loads from the nand as normal it SHOULD be able to run like retail.
if you are using usb loader, and you have a copy of cod black ops you should be able to download it. if you cant download a save from the internet, and put it onto you're sd card make sure it has the map pack. go to you're wii options, data management, saved data, wii, sd card, and it should show the save that you downloaded from the internet.
what?? There is no dlc yet, where did u find it?

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