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Downloaded and removed an Artemis!138EF trojan. Can't access control panel programs, can't use &run& cmd?

After downloading Artemis!138EF7B1E054 (trojan) my computer is in trouble!!! - I can't start programs by double clicking on them. I get a choose the program you want to open this file dialogue box. (This happens when using the Run command too.)- I can't access any programs in my Control Panel. I get Application Not Found error message. - I can't seem to fully install or uninstall any programs.Does this sound fixable? What can I do to fix it?Please keep in mind, I AM UNABLE TO INSTALL PROGRAMS. So any kind of Spyware remover is useless. Even online scans are useless because they need you to download something to run it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


What you need will depend upon the type of pipe you currently have, the distance between your home and the sewer main and your wastewater utility provider's requirements. They may require something different than what you currently have. You will need to call them to find out what you need to put back. If you still need help, post a new question with the details. You may have to buy a permit and you certainly will need to have the line inspected before it is covered. The inspection is a federal EPA requirement so it applies in all areas. This is not something you can expect to slip by, they will notice when they come to read your meter. You also need to call 811, the national call before you dig number. You may have a toll free number you could call in your area as well, but as of earlier this year 811 should get you to the same place without having to find the number. They will have someone make sure there are no other utilities in the area you will need to dig. One last note sometimes sewage laterals are pretty deep. Often they drop to 6' - 10' deep as soon as the pipe exits the house. Your utility should be able to give you some idea about this as well. That is a lot of digging, even for several people. You may want to consider a backhoe.
use sch 40 pipe or leave it alone
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