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Lightning and a Pool and a person?

isnt a body of water (pool) attract lightning? but if it is an underground pool, with a child in it, wouldnt the lighting go into the ground, and not harm the child???


In theory by adding a valve to the system you may have added a small extra length to your system. That could cause a very, very small change in the flow rate from what you might have without the valve. Having said that, you shouldn't see a flow rate change that you can detect. In any system when you make a change you have to look at pipe length, diameter, added pressure drop from things like valves and fittings. You have to be careful about valves because many are not full port valves. The type of valve can also be a consideration. The pressure drop in a full size globe valve even if it is fully open is much greater than a ball valve fully open. You also have to look at the pressure source. What happens to the pressure source when there is a change in flow rate or what happens to the flow rate when there is a change in the pressure source.
I would have to say.you thoroughly confused me. If there was a fire, what difference would it make who pulled the alarm and what does aspergers have to do with it? Most kids with aspergers are very high functioning, so I'm not sure exactly what the question is. If an 11 year old sees a fire that is out of control, then there should be no problem with that child pulling the alarm. Period.

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