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Dropped my keys down elevator shaft?

Here's the thingi'd like to take a look at the base of the elevator shaft in my 3 story building to see if they are thereit's only like 3 feet below the first floori can look down with a flashlight but can only see the narrow few inchesideally would love to open the doors and just look down with a flashlightit's so close i wouldn't need to get inwhich would be dangerousthe custodian here would help me but didn't know how to open the doorshe was going to turn off the juice of the elevator then open the doors but didn't know the way the elevator guys did ithe knows there's a switch or something.i didn't definitely lost my keys down thereit's just a possibilityi don't want to have the building get an elevator guy to come and they are not therethere is a gap of a few inches wide to stick a camera or flashlight down thereany ideas?


1Borrow/rent a digital camera that has a flashTape the camera to a pole or tie it to a string carefullyLosing the camera with the keys would be undesirableSet the camera on self time for a few pictures, and lower the camera into the openingRepeat several times until you have taken enough pictures to determine if the keys are down there2Ask you plumber if he has a Boroscopethe boroscope lens has a light and lens that can fit in the opening and snaked downMove the borscope to see if the keys are thereHe may charge you a house call for the use of the boroscopeOf course, with either method, have the super hold the elevator so you try themCheers and good luck!

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