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Electric Blanket Under Mattress?

I was wonder if I could fold my electric blanket under my mattress? It's too big for my bed, and I can't let it hang over the sides because there are walls in the way. Could I fold it so that half is on top of the mattress, and half is under the mattress?


Nope. No problem. You can get a Y fitting for above the trap similar to that for a dishwasher to make it easy. BUT - make sure your condensate pump has a back-flow preventer and that the drain hose is properly connected to the Y fitting. YIKES - on the Methane issue: a) Condensate pumps are 'indirect' connections by their nature. b) You must have a back-flow preventer valve in the system anyway, typically within the pump itself. c) Your DWV system is self-venting. The connection will be above-the-trap *NOT* below the trap. There is no potential for methane from within the plumbing system to get into the condensate drain line - or natural gas to get into the drain line. Neither from either direction. YIKES, again!
Of course! Couldn't care less about your birthday suit, it's a fire no modesty there!

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