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Electric blankets during pregnancy?

I have read that it's unsafe to use an electric blanket during pregnancy because of the risk of it elevating your body temperature too highWhat if you always set the temperature on low? Is it still unsafe?Also, is there a risk from the electricity moving thru the blanket or is it just the risk from the heat?


my friends who knit all the time do a slip stitch on the first stitch of a rowThis is planned in and thus the end of the row is actually not knitted every other rowso you don't get the long loop thingy goingI was having trouble with this too and they clued me in to that little hint.
I am presuming you mean the slip knot that you start withI make a very loose slip knot and cast on 1 extra stitchWhen I work the first row I do not knit the slip knotI unravel it and that gets rid of the loose stitchOtherwise when you sew the pieces together you can fill in the hole then.
I'm not quite sure what you're describing, but it might be the fact that the last stitch on the first row (or the first stitch on the second, after you turn your work around to start the next row) often needs a simple pulling downGrab it and pull the bottom that stitch down a littleSee if that fixes your loop problem.
Hi there, I have used ours but I turn it on a few hours before bed and then turn it off when I get into bedThat way it's warm when I get in, but won't get hotter when I add my body heat to the already warm blanket.I hope that makes senseGood luck!

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