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Excuse me: is the special flux for steel electroslag pressure welding called "residue"?

Eldest brother, please tell me: steel slag pressure welding special flux, commonly known as "drug residue"?.Do you have a friend who can give me a detailed information about the dregs?!In addition, some say that automatic welding flux is called "drug residue". Please help me explain! ~ urgentOh, yes, I asked a steel worker today. What he told me is that the official name is "vertical welding flux", commonly known as "slag", which is used for automatic welding, that is, plastic welding, but I still can not find information about the residue of the medicine. However, I found a lot of slag data, there is no residue of drugsYour elder brother can help me, I will appreciate it!


Yes, that's what they call "slag". That's epoxy. They're right. But it's too complicated. It's not necessary
It's called the dregs, but there's no detail. The hardware store is available
Different regions may have different names. I'm here called "flux", welding after the protective layer to "dregs" coating". It's actually called "flux."".1: the role of fluxAfter melting to produce gas and slag, arc and weld pool, protection of weld metal, better prevent oxidation and nitriding; to reduce evaporation and loss of chemical elements in weld metal; the welding process is stable; with deoxidized and doped alloy, the welding metal chemical composition and mechanical properties of the solder melting needed; the formation of the slag pool, the current through the slag pool produce large amounts of electricity Yin heat; package care by extrusion of the molten metal and slag, the joint has good insulation and blooming; slag shell cooling effect on the joint.2: commonly used fluxThe flux grades for the flux of * * * "the first digit of manganese oxide content in the flux, second digits of silicon dioxide and calcium fluoride content, third different varieties of the same brand of digital representation of flux.The most commonly used welding flux is "flux 431". It is of high manganese, high silicon and low fluorine type. It can be used for welding and direct current. It is suitable for welding low carbon steel bars and ordinary low alloy steel bars. Similar to "flux 432", there are "flux 350", "flux 360", "flux 430", "flux 433" and so on."Flux" can also be written as "HJ", such as "flux 431", written as "HJ431"".

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