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How are the nickel plating parts treated by flux corrosion?

Urgently!!! The plating of nickel plating meets the soldering flux when soldering. The reaction result in the surface of the electroplated parts is pale yellow and black. How can I deal with this problem effectively and make the electroplated parts come back to its original appearance? Online results


There are two possible reasons that flux change nickel layer:First, nickel layer of high temperature discoloration, the need to use acid activation, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid can be used;Two, the flux of organic residues, which need to be cleaned with organic solvents, such as alcohol, gasoline, acetone and so on.
It's definitely not going to be the way it is. It's the next thing to do, not the first time
The key is to solve from the source, pay attention to the choice of non corrosive flux, a problem, that is the backside of the things, no matter how you handle it is difficult to restore the plating black spots and pale yellow, it shows that the coating has been corroded, the only thing you can do is wash and then electroplating (with a small power pole around the cotton wool dipped in plating solution by the way)

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