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Experienced knitters, please helpWhat type of yarn?

Someone told me to use size 13 knitting needles to make a blanketWhat type of yarn can I use? Can I use the red heart? I just want to make a very simple throw blanketThank you.


It has something to do with the way the dielectric is coated on the plates.
There will be no harm in doing this in both cases, actually you wouldn't normally do this because the larger voltage capacitors cost more, a bit like, you could safely put thicker copper cables in your home electric circuits, but the cost is prohibitive, and you'd just be upgrading for nothing, unless you were installing a larger wattage electric shower for instance, and you upgraded that particular circuitSo yes go ahead, no problem.
You can use any yarn you like, depending on the effect you wantIf you use a thin yarn with large needles, you'll get more of a lacy effectAssuming you want something more for warmth than decor, you'd probably want a bulky or super bulky yarn with large needlesRed Heart is a brand nameThey make several different kinds of yarn with different thicknesses, textures, and fiber contentSome of their yarn is bulky or super bulkyCheck the yarn label and look for category 5 or 6 yarnI do question your friend's advice, howeverWhile it is true that larger needles make the knitting go faster, they also tend to make the fabric much thicker and more expensive per square footAfghans are typically worked in worsted weight yarn (category 4)Super bulky is usually used for things like hats and scarves.

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