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Fallout New vegas Mr.house elevator/victor bug?

CAUTION POSSIBLE SPOILERSI've found that i can no longer access the elveator, or talk to victor in lucky 38.I have already talked to him, went got the platinum key from benny, talked to the Yes Man robot, and accept his quest and i have the quests quot; The house always wins I , then i also went to help the ceasers with the bunker( along with Wild Card: New managemnt questsquot; Went down there, talked to him and upgraded the robotsand now i have quot;The House always win 2quot; but i cannot seem to enter his house even though i have 2 quests saying to go to mr.house ( with the markers on the elevator) and 1 quest saying kill/disable himCan anyone help? In short, I have before, but can no longer seem to access the elevator, or victor in lucky 38 casino, i try to talk to them but it makes the quot; nothing happensquot;noise(i'm on 360)


The elevator glitches for unknown reasons You have two choices either go back and find a save where you can still use Victor to get to the presidential suite and backor kill Victor on the casino level, then you should have manual control of any and all levels though you won't be able to complete MrHouse's quests anymore.

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