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Fantasy westward journey blue bowl

Fantasy westward journey with blue bowls and blue medicine which is cheap What kind of blue medicine to buy


You are your cooking blue bowl or buy others sell, buy personal feel generally uneconomic. How much water you can see the blue bowl is blue, how much does it cost; And then calculate to the system to buy so many blue and how much will it cost to go! But the blue bowl is convenient! As I buy system blue is bergamot and purple blue. The individual feels letter price than good point!
Depends on how much the blue bowl for your zone! Our district 40000 blue bowl 40000 5: of course, I determined to buy the blue bowl. In fact, I also calculate, if sell more than 60000 others Then the resolute don't buy! Because not be as cheap as eating bergamot. But buy bowl also has a benefit, the reserves of the bowl is not when you left, at least you can sell 20000! Because the blue bowl also kill mount may need items!
The difference between blue wan w5 can buy more than 6 don't buy it Because you left to artifact tasks When mount 2-3 w can definitely sold The remaining 100 blue line This is good But artifact tasks when you under the clear blue medicine as 1 / f, calculate
Such as blue bowl of blue is 20000 Divided by 20 is the amount of blue bergamot is equal to 1000 That is to say the blue bowl is equivalent to 1000 bergamot The price of reoccupy finger citron 80 times 1000 is 1000 This is equivalent to 1000 the price of bergamot Again and you want to buy this blue than the price

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