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Fire alarms going off?

Tonight they went off for the 2nd time. The first I replaced all of the batteries. Being 10+ years old my thought is to replace the units but there was one strange thing last night. My alarm clock went off at the exact same time and would not turn off until I unplugged it??? It was 1240am and the alarm was set for 505am. Any ideas?


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Sounds like you need to change the belt or that maybe the belt has slipped. Turn the vaccuum upside down and unscrew the cover that the roller is in. Check the rubber belt. If it's busted it needs to be replaced, However if it's just off the track, slide it back and hope that you don't have to buy another belt.If the belt is fine, look for string or something caught up in the roller. Alot of things can block the roller from moving causing the same things to happen. Hope that helps.Scott

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