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fleas in my chair???????????

ok so i was sitting in my leather chair and a flea hopped onto my paper i was workin on then jumpe into the edg of the chair s a few mins i scratche my leg and he jumped next to me again, i freaked out thinking what if theyre living in my chair? i HATE fleas. i have a big room w/ alot of stuff on the floor, do you think this is why they might be here? bci havent vacumed in a while? what do i do about the chair? is ther some kind of sticky pad i could lay on there that might attract them? think theyre attracted to heat? is that right?


fleas cant live off of human blood just clean up and they will all die
Do you have a pet? If so, get it treated and fleas will go away.
They won't just be living on the chair but in the carpet as well. You need to clear the floor and vacuum. I had trouble with fleas recently and had to spray the carpets, I used a natural based insect spray. If all else fails you may need to flea bomb the place. Get any pets treated as well. Supposedly fleas are attracted to light, if you put a lamp over a container of water they are supposed to jump towards the light and end up falling into the water. This isn't just a one off treatment, they lay eggs that are just waiting to hatch. Even if the room is locked up and not used for a while the flea eggs are supposed to survive until they sense movement.

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