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Flux and solder liquid paste - is it worth sweating copper pipes?

normally use regular methods and a mapp torch on 1/2 pipe. Curious if it‘s worth using the combo flux and solder to speed things up in tight areas.


I personally do not believe it is worth using copper, it sweats, it freezes, it rots and it leaks. I would use sch. #40 PVC myself. Michael
Solder paste is made up of microscopic balls of solder suspended in a thick flux. It has the appearance of gray or silver cake frosting, and sometimes has an of yellow tint from the flux. I am not a plumber and I have never used this on pipes. Frankly I did not know it was available for the purpose. I have used the lead based version of this product for more industrial applications. It is potentially very dangerous. The problem is the microscopic balls. Once freed from the flux, usually by washing, these little buggers are so small you can't really see them with the naked eye. They will embed them selves into pours and fingerprints, and contaminate every thing you touch. Additionally once in the body the small size makes them easy to digest and absorb into the blood stream. We had a heck of a time cleaning these nasty little bugger up, and the mandatory blood test were no fun ether. Again, I want to point out that my experience was with led based solder paste, not a silver based solder paste. If you have a led based solder paste, please consider turning it in to your local hazardous waste facility. If you have a silver based solder paste, I don't know if there are any health ramifications from digesting it, but you will probably end up digesting some minute amount of it now matter how careful you are. Just because there are so many of those little balls waiting to start rolling around and sticking to things.
always use flux with solder

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