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Convertible carseats? I need your input ladies!?

My daughter is 4 months old, but she is already 26 in. long so she will be outgrowing her graco snugride carseat sooner than I would like. And also when she has her coat on the straps are getting snug.So, I'm looking for a convertible carseat to put her in. So far, my top pick is probably the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX (link at bottom)So, basically I was wondering:how big were they when they outgrew their infant carrier?what carseat your little one has now?do you like it, why?what kind of car you drive?(i have a ford fusion)where you got your carseat?I'm just looking to find the best, safest, most comfortable carseat for my daughter! Thanks


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what do you mean by locked? does it not turn, or do the clutches not break away around corners? if it does not turn at all you have a major problem, not the clutches. if they are chattering around corners you need to remove the cover, spray it out with brake cleaner, refill and add 2 bottles of mopar limited slip additive.

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