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Folder, System Recovery?

So this is the story:I had two users accounts on my computer. On my user account I had my My Documents folder inaccessible to my brother's user account. It would say Access Denied when he tried to go in and get my music. So I did a System Recovery, the option that creates a My Backup folder. After I did the Recovery I tried to access my old My Documents folder and it told me Access Denied. How to I get access to it?


The tape is drawn off the reel by pinching it between a shaft (called the capstan) driven by a motor and a rubber roller called the pinch-wheel. It is the speed of the capstan which sets the tape speed. It is taken up on the other reel which is driven through a slipping clutch - it is pulling the tape but can do so only at the speed at which the tape is driven by the capstan/pinch roller. If the pinch roller is not being held properly against the capstan shaft the tape can slip through, because it is being pulled by the take-up reel, faster than it should.
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