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Ford focus exhaust system?

I‘m thinking about putting a dc sports exhaust on my 07 focus se sedan but I‘m not sure if a dc exhaust will fit.any help is appreciated


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Cam belt - if no longer already accomplished it needs to be accomplished now on the ten 3 hundred and sixty 5 days rule - fee around ?250 at a interior sight self sustaining storage. Exhaust - in many aspects and purely an inspection below with discover out what if something needs doing. ought to bea undemanding area and fee ?50 or must be as much as ?3 hundred for an entire device
Do you mean just the muffler, catback, or full exhaust system? There are attachments where you can buy stuff to make the muffler to fit. You have to find out what diameter your exhaust pipe is, find out the diameter of the muffler and then figure out what attachment you need to get a snug fit on both and clamp it down or weld it on. If it's a catback system, or a full exhaust then you need to look up on finding one to match your specific car.

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