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Friends ruined my cashmere rug. Does anyone know any miracle cures ?

Little more info I was having a heated debate with friends and suddenly there are large blotches of red wine all over my new cashmere rug and splatters over the wall. Consulting the services of a professional cleaner is out of the question. Please it's urgent the rug really tied the room together. Look forward to hearing your suggestions,Robledo Puch


A professional carpet cleaner is your best bet. However, you say this is out of the question. Realize that any home remedy is risky. Having said this, you can try to clean this rug yourself, but the results are not guaranteed. You can remove red wine with white wine. Pour white wine onto the red wine stains. Let that sit for about 20 minutes. Then wash the rug in your machine using the cold water setting and Woolite. I would not add fabric softener. After washing, hang to air dry. Do not machine dry. There is a chance machine washing will ruin your rug, but cold water machine-washing is as close as hand-washing as possible. If you let the rug air dry, there is a good chance it will survive. Honestly, if I had an expensive cashmere rug that was stained, I would take it a professional. The choice is yours. Good luck. -

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