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Front brake on my motorcycle is locked on!?

I swapped the standard levers for shorty levers last week on my 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 400r (basically the same as a 650r with a smaller engine). I swapped them because I slipped on my driveway when I was moving the bike around and dropped it on it‘s side (almost no cosmetic damage besides the lever). I did this about 2 months ago, and finally got around to swapping levers last week. Everything was fine until I came out of work yesterday and my front brakes were locked on. I pulled the lever off and when I put it back on it was unlocked. I then left the office (a mistake). When I was on a major road the front brake came on again and hard. I was forced to stop in the center median (about 2 feet of room.), get off and pull the lever off again. Once again, this fixed the problem but now I am very nervous about getting back on my bike. Please help!Background: The bike has about 3000km on it, it was bought new this summer, and it is very clean (I don‘t think any dirt could have jammed the master cylinder).


Pulling the lever off would not help the situation unless the cause for the problem was the lever sticking. If you over tightened the pivot bolt, it could crush the bracket the lever rides in and cause it to stick. I would swap back to the original broken lever and see if the problem persists. if that solves it, look for a different replacement lever. If the master cylinder was stuck, the brakes would not release unless you pried the pads off the disk. Same with the caliper. Air in the system would cause brake drag all the time. It could be the shape of the lever too. If it doesn't meet the plunger in the master cylinder right, it could jam. compare the shape of the new lever to the old one.
the lever you used does not match the length of the previous one thus creating a constant pressure on the system . you need to use the correct parts .i am taking about the other end of the lever . even though the it looks and appears good it is not releasing on the other end .

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