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Front driver's side door wont lock Honda 96 Accord LX?

The car's alarm system works with all the other doors but not the driver's side. I cant even manually lock the door with my key..Whats the deal


it is usually the hot line that rots through.are the pipes about 40+ years old? you could try turning off the valve at the water heater when you are not using it.so you still will have toilet and running water.if they are old pipes you could be fixing leak after leak. it would be cheaper to get all the hot lines replaced at once.
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If the leak is constant which means it happens even when you have your faucets turned off, then yes, you have a leaky pipe. Your pipes could be copper or PVC. In both cases, you have no choice but to get to the pipe, find the leaky section and replace it. Here are some steps. 1) Check the 1/4 turn shutoff valve under the cabinet, is it wet? wipe it dry and observe it. If you can see water coming out of it, then you will need to replace it. Most of them are compression fittings so you will need to shut off the water, drain the tube by opening all faucets in your house and then unscrew the valve and replace it with an identical one. Might as well replace the supply lines while at it. 2) if the problem is not the valve, then you have a leaky joint. Had one not too long ago in my house. You need to get to it soon before it destroys your house. You have to cut the drywall and start looking around until you identify the leak. Again, dry the joint and observe and confirm to be the source of the leak. Drain pipes and cut it out using a pipe cutter or a hacksaw. Make sure you never cut too close to a joint ootherwise, you won't be able to install the new pipes. The get some copper piping, splices and elbows. Using flux, a torch, and a cleaning brush, solder together the replacement structure and finally solder it back in. Open your water and check for leaks. If you did it right, the leak will go away forever. If it is PVC, then follow a similar process, but just use the PVC glue and primer instead of solder and torch.

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