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Front Loader Laundry Soap Preferences?

I have a new front loader washer and dryer. Does anyone have a favorite laundry soap. Can you really only use the special laundry soap??? Or can you use a smaller amount of the regular laundry soap?? All answers are appreciated.


Well my stepmom used Tide with the old washer (top loader) and when we got the front loader we just switched to Tide HE (high efficiency). I'm not sure if you HAVE to switch but you should definately use less of the regular laundry soap. This is becuase the front loader uses alot less water so you don't need all that extra soap.
The issue with front loaders is that they can get messed up if people put either too much detergent in them, like putting the same amount and type of detergent as for a top loader. This will cause excess suds which will cause the machine to stop. IF you can make your residents aware that they must use HE (high efficiency) detergent, and not very much of it, then a front loader is a great option. They use far less water and automatically adjust the water needs for the load. I think Maytag makes a line of front loaders for commercial use. Other advantages: front loaders can't become unbalanced during a spin cycle, so will have less tendency to go dancing across the laundry room floor. They spin at higher speeds, so clothes come out of the washer with less excess water, which reduces drying time (saving electricity). They are also kinder on clothes, which will make you look like a kind and caring landlord!
I would not recommend using regular soap in smaller amounts. I have an LG front load washer less than a year old. They are rated pretty high in consumer reports so I was surprised when my washer sensor indicated the motor was overheating. I called for service and when the guy came out he said to use only HE detergent (HE = high efficiency) for front loaders AND, get this, LG advises using ONE to TWO tablespoons of soap. Otherwise soap scum builds on the bottom of the drum and messes up the sensors. He said front loaders use 5 - 10 gallons of water whereas top loaders can use 40 gallons of water. We had been using the amount recommended by the HE Tide bottle.
FIrst choice is Tide second is Wisk -- use only HE for the front loaders. Traditional soap causes excess bubbles/foam and will damage washer over time. I love my front loader - so I am very cautious about always using the HE.
You can use regular laundry soap of your preference, just use a smaller amount. =) Like the person above wrote, liquid soap is best.

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