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Gallup Unemployment for February 2012, Unemployment up at 9.1%, I thought the Economy was improving?

In January Unemployment was at 8.6%. Any one want this Roller Coaster ride from the Rubber Band man for the next four years. Not ME, I happen to like Living with Food to Eat. Maybe Fluke and Obama should elope in Aruba. Now that's a thought. Sources:Love Roller Coaster - The Ohio PlayersUnemployment in the Bldg Construction Industry has been at 13% for the last 3 years - Ken Langone Founder of Home DepotRubber Band Man - The Spinners


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There are several different types of compression style fittings available to repair pipes in this situation. I suggest cutting off a very short piece of the pipe and bring it to a local plumbing wholesale store or plumbing shop tmrw and they can show you a fitting that will work. Some brands that could work are - sharkbite - john guest fittings - Jaco fittings - philmac couplings the advantage of a compression fitting is that there is no glue or cement required to seal the joint. The seal is made by a nut and ferrul, rubber gasket or plastic washer. Most of these compression fittings are available from 3/8 to 2 or bigger and are easy to install with tools most people already own. Making sure you have a nice square cut and that you remove any burrs created while cutting is imperative. these fitings can be used on PVC, PEX, CPVC, PolyB, copper, and certain galvanized sizes. If youre stuck gluing, make sure you are using a proper primer before you apply the cement to the pipe and leave the pipe de-pressurized as long as possible. You can also try using a non flaming heat gun from a safe distance ( glue and primer are extremely flammable) so as to speed the curing up while not damaging the pipe or causing a fire or explosion. hope this helps :) Roland

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