gasloine eats plastic?

i put some gaslione in a plastic cup, then left to get a better container for it, when i returned the plastic cup's bottom fell out and spill gas everwherei didn't know gas can do this...what makes gas eat plastic? how?how come it dosent' eat plastic gas can's (gas containers)


well now....first of all, all plastics that we use are made from some form of processed oil. thru various chemical additives, the various plastics are transformed via polymer bonding into the many types of plastics properties. this is the short answer.
Different types of plastics. thats why its illegal to place gasoline in a non-approved container (like a soda bottle).
Gas containers are made out of a different type of plastic, hard plastic per se, the gasoline which contains acid will eat away any other plastic. That is why it is illegal to put gasoline in non government approved container, like cups.
Gas cans are made of a harder plasticif you put gas on any soft type plastic it will melt ,like a lunch bag or a soft white coffee cup any one of them are going to melt.a milk jug are a coke bottle are one of those type of plastic will work with gas .
by the same means that petrol because of its additives will burn your skin but will not make any head way on a rubber Tyre,look at the mark it makes around your filler cap on the back wing and you will come to the conclusion that petrol manufactures add a small amount of acid in the petrol to keep the rust at bay, petrol after all is 80% water.

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