Gear grinding method

Our factory production of gears running noise, want to solve through the grinding method, seeking expert guidance. Question added: We used this method, because we buy grinding machine financial capacity is not realistic, and occasionally heard the gear grinding the processing method, they have tried, is to match the two gears to exert a certain pressure on the grinding sand bite A few minutes, after the experiment found to be able to improve some, but now our process is not good to control the angle of the helical gear, seeking expert detailed instructions, or what better way to solve our helical gear noise problem? More


The effect may be bad, the gear center from the problem,
This mainly depends on the gears used in what machinery and the hardness of the gear itself. If the accuracy of the gear itself is 7 or more and grinding is the finishing method, it is necessary to consider the small letter tolerance group, usually base section or tooth profile and other problems, first measure base section, such as base section need to pass through the improvement Tooth surface roughness to noise reduction; if the hobbing for the finishing method, the best plus grinding can be resolved. In addition, the parallelism of the two bearing holes can also cause tooth contact to produce noise.
I did for 20 years, do not know the gear can also be grinding. In order to reduce the noise 1 by grinding method, you can achieve 5 precision 2 with quilting teeth approach, you can achieve 6 precision 3 high-speed occasions, the method can be coated on the tooth surface to reduce the noise to solve the problem 1 teeth Good shape 2 teeth to better 3 surface roughness is better

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