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Getting a business security system. What do I need?

I need a 8 camera system. Problem is, the 8 cameras need to be split over two sites. So 4 at site one, and 4 at site two.Essentially for watching employees.I want to be able to control the cameras and obviously access them remotely. Not just record (but that needs to be done as well). I am looking at a system called Milestone XProtect Basis+. So I get that, and the 8 cameras and wiring hardware.What else would I need to consider getting to make this system work?It is kind of expensive so I would like to avoid having to buy two sets of the software.Is there a cheaper way to get this done? IE, Clearly i need the cameras. I also need the hardware computer integration and web streaming (with on site recording features in case internet goes offline). Any advice? Should I look at kits, that I might find at um costco or sams, or is it best to build up and mix and match components?


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