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Getting rid of wet carpet smell...?

My roommate used a rug doctor to clean the carpet, she is a complete cleaning novice, and did it while i was at work. She sprayed to much of the cleaning liquid and left us with slightly damp carpet, it now smells. I have been spraying it with febreeze, but it doesn't seem to be helping too much.I was planning a dinner for some friends on friday night, but it's just embarrassing. Is there anyway i can at least minimize the smell by then?


Throw some borax on the carpet. It will do two things, absorb the odor and kill any mold/mildew spores that are festering in the damp carpet. I would position some large fans to dry the carpet out as well because the padding under the carpet staying wet will inevitably start mold growing. Leave the borax on there as long as you can and once the carpet is dry vacuum it up. It won't damage the fiber or the color either.
Aug 23, 2017
Ok, is the carpet still wet?? If it is, then get yourself a dehumidifier to dry it out. If it is dry and still smells then there is most likely mold under there. The mold smell will not go away and the worse it is, the worse for your health it is. Have the carpet steam cleaned first, then still get yourself a dehumidifier to dry the carpet this time just to be sure it dries in a timley manor and does not do this again. If after a steam cleaning it still smells... well then the carpet is ruined and will have to be replaced. Good luck.
Aug 23, 2017
I can suggest this,. I think you should have the carpet steam cleaned, WHY? because if you don´t you will never rid the smell on top of that mold will start to grow under the damp carpet,
Aug 23, 2017

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