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Good Greek Myths to preform as a play for school?

I have to preform a greek myth for my english class. I am in a group of four people (Two girls, two boys) and we have been looking for a myth to preform though we are having trouble finding one that can come off as funny and entertaining.Does anyone know any myths that we could use? And if so, anyways that we could put an entertaining spin on it?Thanks:)


The story of Persephone going into the underworld and eating the pomegranate could be good. You could throw a humerus spin with what she sees down there, like the dude pushing a rock up a hill for eternity and the person standing in water that drains whenever they try to drink. Its also good with 2 girls 2 guys 'cause you need a Hades 'n Zeus for the men and Persephone and Demeter for the women.
Pandora's Box might be good. Narcissus Echo - you could do a modern twist on that, given society now is so looks driven. Daedulus Icarus - you know the one, flying too close to the sun. Maybe something from Homer's Odyssey might be interesting? Cyclop's cave or the Sirens? Theseus the Minotaur - I loved this story! Perseus Medusa - turning to stone! Hercules tasks. Orpheus Eurydice - love story in the Underworld There are loads of great stories - sounds fun!
the minotaur Mudusa the 3 headed dog There are lots more, but these ones are off the top of my head
the story of persus trying to save princess andromena from the craken

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