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had a leak in the atttic and had to roll up a few pieces of attic insulation The back of insulation had?

Johns Manville on itThe house was built in 1960Is there any danger fiberglass? or asbestos related to this insulationI was walking around in it and wasn't wearing a mask.aha thanks


It's fiberglass batting and you should wear a mask if you're gonna be working with itCover yourself well as it will make you itch bigtime.
Get some tupperware containers, and make a lunch out of a salad to bring with you, with the dressing in a seperate small containerIf you use an insulateed lunch bag, it will be fine until your lunch.
on your lunch you prefer 3 issuesa millionthe significant meal 2A snack 3A drink you are able to make a wraponly flow on your community food market and purchase, pita bread, tomato, lettuce, rooster and mayonnaise/tartar sauceRip your rooster into small productspositioned it in the pita bread alongside with diced / sliced tomatoes, chopped lettuce and mayonnaise OR tartar sauce(extra sauce provides a greater flavor, form of a candy bitter flavor) Wrap it up and you have have been given your significant meal :) For a snack it might desire to be something, fruit, yogurt, chips something you prefer Your drink could be a bottle of wateronce you are going to hold a juice field ensure it somewhat is not a sort of flavored sugary oneseven if in case you do carry something different than water consistently have some water to maintain your self hydrated.
If you are equiped with some basic Thermos containers to keep foods hot or cold, the sky is the limityou could bring; vegetarian chili veggie lasagna veggie pasta with cheese and tomato sauce veggie pasta salads slices of tomato, peppers and onions in a container and add that to 2 slices of whole wheat bread and some cheese would make great sandwichesTomato soup Vegetable soupMinestrone soup The list is endlessYou can find wide mouth thermos containers designed to keep hot foods hot and you eat right out of themDitto ones for cold foodsGuys who work outdoors have been packing lunches like that for yearsWith the hot food thermos, you fill the container with hot water while you are heating your food in the microwave and then, dump out the hot water, add the hot food and close itit will hold that heat for hoursWith the cold food, put the open thermos in the fridge over night and in the morning, fill it with your favorite pasta salad or cut fruit or what ever and it will be nice and cold at meal time.

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