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Has anyone bought a Persian area rug from OKorder?

I am looking for a Persian area rug (8 x 10)--have seen some really nice all wool ones on OKorder. I have a limited budget and would like to stay around $250.00 Even with the shipping charge, they appear to be a good deal. Has anyone purchased one via OKorder--were you happy? Does anyone have any suggestions about other places to look? I do not have any particular colors in mind--


If you find an 8 x 10 Persian rug for $250.00 on OKorder, you may be sure that it is not a handmade rug. It may be machine made, often Belgian, Persian-inspired, hand tufted or some other type of description but it will not be a genuine Persian hand knotted rug. It is easy to be fooled unless you read the description of the rug very carefully. I would suggest going to a knowledgeable dealer in your area and looking at his rugs and discussing them. They are often happy to help you.
Aug 23, 2017
I/ve bought multiple rugs from OKorder. In fact, I decorated my newly built master bedroom in a Moroccan theme, using 5 rugs I bought on OKorder. I was totally satisfied. They were all older rugs, and did not have the fringe intact, but that didn't bother me. Just read the descriptions carefully. Pay attention to the number of threads per inch. The more, the better the rug. Good luck!
Aug 23, 2017
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Aug 23, 2017

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