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Has anyone had any luck with coolant additives?

Like the amsoil and redline stuff claimed to reduce engine heat by 19 degrees f.


Most radiators have a petcock on the again so crawl underneath and with a collection of channel locks loosen it and unscrewing until it opens the entire way. Taking out the cut back hose is any choice but just a little extra difficult and messy then utilizing the petcock (drain).
depends on the veh, if it's all wheel drive , yes if not then it won't hurt
215 is 10mm wider not higher than the 205 and they should b fine nothing to worry about
Robert the liar is at it again. GM, not Robert the non-mechanic has been using Dexcool from 1995 - 2013. There isn't ONE aftermarket coolant temperature reducing additives that will lower the temperature 19 degrees F. If the cooling system is over 6 years old *draining, flushing and CLEANING with a one part powered acid cooling system cleaner will do more after you've had a cooling system pressure test to see if you have had any external or internal coolant leaks.
Depends on CAR type and year of manufacture. There is ONE additive that can reduce cooling temps, but NO ONE really needs it if all other things are working right! You should only use the COOLANT from the dealership because ALL coolants are DIFFERENT from different car makers from around the world. There is NO universal coolant, GM cars should use JAPANESE or EURO coolant in them, and there are DIFFERENT formula coolant for engines with MORE plastic or alloys in them. GOOD LUCK!!

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