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Has anyone used a Rug Doctor you rent from the supermarket?

I need to clean my sage green carpet.....they look bad. Does the Rug Doctor work? How much does it cost? Does it make the carpet very wet? Would it be best IF I do get it to use it when I can have windows and doors open so it would air out? I really wanna clean my carpet because it is driving me crazy. If the Rug Doctor doesn't work could you tell me one that will?? Thanks a lot ppl.


rug doctors work great! last time I rented one from the supermarket, it was 50 or 60 dollars (CDN) plus you have to give them a credit card number. by the time I bought shampoo ( I use vinegar as the defoamer) it cost 80 or 90 dollars total. how wet the carpet gets depends on how wet you make it--the machine gets most of the water out. if you plan on shampooing furniture and stairs, be sure to get the upholstery attatchment
Aug 23, 2017
I have used them many years ago before I bought my own steam cleaner. They are fine and not all that expensive. Like any steam cleaner it applies soap and water and then sucks it out of the carpet leaving the carpet damp not wet. No you don't have to leave windows open. When it is done the carpet is barely even damp if done right. I much prefer my own steam cleaner or at times hiring Stanley Steemer for a whole house job. But the rentals work fine for the money. They also offer upholstery cleaner so it's a great way to clean your furniture at the same time.
Aug 23, 2017

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