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Haunted places in San Jose area?

Im trying to find out where the haunted places are in San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos CampbellI've Googled it I find info on the winchester mystery house the house on Hellyer ave Senter rd in San Jose but I know theres gotta be more haunted places in santa clara county.Does anyone know of any haunted places or where I can find the best list of haunted places here? (i promiss not to use any info for disrespectful purposes)


I live in san jose, i can inform you the exceptional position i've visited used to be Halloween hang-out every October at paramounts first-rate the usa :) and some taco bell restraunts are beautiful cool to see yesTaco bell ummm, Garu in Oakridge mall, folks chase after you and put on masksEqual thing at pleasant the usa its close that mall, its like a carnival setting outsideOther than that im not really sure.

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