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Have you ever been trapped in some space?

Such as a bedroom, bathroom, closet, elevator, basement, etcAny room that would quality as small or any room! It can be any place


yeah, it wasn't pleasantwhen i was around 15 years old some dudes grabbed me, blindfolded me and knocked me outwoke out found myself locked in a small bedroom about 9x9, door reinforced, a bucket to crap/pee in, window boarded upi was in there forever! lost track of time, i slept 3 times, dunno how long, figure 3 days or so with virtually no food or water, sometimes i'd wake up to find a bottle of water or a slice of bear near the door i learned for people nearby and when i'm sure there's no one where i was at i basically kicked a hole in the wall and got out of therethe guys took my shoesit was very painful to break down the tiled the wall with my bare feetonce i got out i ran out of the house and i walked and walked, forever it seemed down random streets until my feet hurt really badly, i slept in a alley and walked some more, thankfully a cop pulled up and i was able to get out of there! i was returned to my house several hours later, turns out i was kidnapped for ransom!

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