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Having problems with my time machine?

Okay, I've got the Einstein-Rosen Bridge working correctly, however I can't get the co-variant of the equation working properly, the time machine only able to send me a few seconds into the futureHow is it possible to increase the effects of it, through normal means? I only had the money to be able to build the machine out of an old TV, a broken microwave, and a oscillating fanAny ideas?


I know from personal experience that making a time machine is a very difficult, but rewarding taskAs I've continued my research on traveling through time, I've learned a lot about how microwaves and television can be combined to make a certain quantum force capable of traveling very long distances through timeI've been able to travel into the past, and I've been able to travel even farther into the futureBasically, the combination of the Microwaves produced from the parts of the microwave itself, and the simple light and moving pictures from the television, the time machine can move quickly and efficiently than just the Einstein-Rosen Bridge aloneIt helps to be showing old episodes of Spongebob to propel the time machine even farther.

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