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HD HDMI cable can output audio and video at the same time?

Fire line slot CT100 * 100 * 1.8 What does it mean?


There is no specific requirement for the crossing of the power trough, as long as it does not affect the construction and the aesthetics
Two 6 square millimeters with pvc25 tube, 2.5 square millimeters with pvc16 tube
Method 1: The method of measuring the resistance can be theoretically possible, because the commonly used detection equipment department is of professional level, it is more difficult to judge accurately. Method 2: There are two possibilities, one is the joint processing of the more standardized, the detection is basically impossible to judge, but can be considered qualified; Second, the joint processing is not standardized, easy to cause the circuit breaker work or by dragging the wire, Its disconnected. Decoration works encountered in such inspection is generally not required, the mandatory standard is: between the line, the insulation resistance is greater than 0.5 megohm, the wire connection can be judged to be normal.

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