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Help, physics question?

please help! A fire hose ejects a stream of water at an angle of 30.3 ° above the horizontal. The water leaves the nozzle with a speed of 24.8 m/s. Assuming that the water behaves like a projectile, how far from a building should the fire hose be located to hit the highest possible fire?


No, this was the Berenike Knight in the Undead Church where you go to fight the gargoyles/ring the belltower. Definitely not a Black Knight. I ve fought one of those lol. The drop was just Greatsword. Dark Souls said it s a rare drop.
If you don't want to use caustic drain cleaners, they sell compressed air in a can that should blow the rice down the drain. The drain cleaner needs time to work, you have to be patient.
use a drain snake to uncog it!!!!!!!!
Put on gloves and a face shield and take the p-trap off. Drano in the eye is bad.

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