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help!!! Preforming Arts????????

hello! i am only in the 8th grade but i am very VERY interesting in pursuing a career in musical theatre, or voice instruction. I have been in about 13 plays so far at schools and community theatre. I take voice lessons now, and previously took piano lessons but had to quit for financial reasons. I am very smart and get straight a's. I was looking at this vocational school by my house and looking into going there for preforming arts, but i read on yahoo answers that quot;badquot; kids go there and its hard o get into collage if you attended a vocational school. I really want to go to collage though so i am not sure if the vocational school is right for me. I am hoping to go to a music school in NYC such as Julliard. I was just wondering if anyone can give me advice on what i should do to presume a career in theatre. Thanks! =]]


I would suggest that you go to a regular school, do as much theatre as you can there, find a community theatre group and do as much theatre with them as you can, keep up the voice lessons if you can and find places to perform (such as with a community choir) as much as you can, and then you will have a lot of experience to put on that college application.
Why don't you go to a regular school and still do Theater. You should keep your possibilities open since maybe someday you won't want to preform.

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