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HELP! What can I do about feminine down there body odor when wearing thermal underwear AKA long johns?

First off, I am a VERY clean person and never run into this issue except during the winter when long underwear, thermal underwear, or long johns are neededI shower daily and do not wear my long johns more than once without washing.I have to use synthetic fabrics thermals because cotton long johns don't actually keep you warm.they just let the heat escape.Is there a remedy for this issue? Or maybe a brand that is known for fighting odors?Any help is much appreciated.


not only the proper insulation needs to be in your attic but equally important if not more important is properly vented attic
The heat escaping from the attic and soffits is what is causing the ice-damsProper insulation will not only stop the ice-dams but save you money on heatingThe windows wont solve that problem-but if yours are old and drafty-you will be more comfortable and save on heating and cooling if you replace them with top -quality-energy-star units.
you want a clean roof once you've water leaking inthere's a product referred to as Ice and Water shelter it is placed down on the timber decking earlier it really is shingledit will be run in the course of the bottom to a level it is 3 ft above the interior of the interior wallsthe product seals around the nails to stay away from roof leaksit does require that you've the former shingles bumped offnext, ice dams can type even as the insulation isn't adequate and there is not any longer good air flow below the roofice dams are brought about via snow and ice melting, because of warm temperature loss, and then refreezing even as it receives down the roof the position it really is chillycouple of minutes period fixes; get a snow rake and pull the snow off the bottoms of the roof, or deploy a warmth cord(s) in the course of the bottom of the roof as a lot because the interior wallyou may nonetheless get water leaks and reason massive fix prices and performance insect damagemy suggestion could be to call a roof artisan and get an estimate to fix the roof so that you do not have higher problem interior the destinyno matter in the experience that your roof nonetheless has a pair of years left to it, timber rot will in hardship-free words worsen and reason higher upkeepit really is more cost-effective to throw away many years of shingle existence than to rebuild the framing and deckinggood luck, desire this helps.
i doi rarely placed on long johns nowi used to placed on them with my underclothes on althoughthey don't save your small brother in an orderly vogue so which you desire underclothesextreme warming of nuts isn't good although so use sparingly.

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