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help with a diagram of electric blanket?

please help me! I have this project on an electric blanket to doI need to find a detailed diagram of an electric blanketIf you can find that or not but I also need to find how to make an electric blanketa very simple one it dosent have to work but it will have to show the way it works i can make it out of cardboard to represent what it would look likeso i just need to make a model of an electric blanket so please help mePlease don't tell me to search it or anythingthnx


If there is existing insulation in the walls, then the flow of the loose fill from up top will be blockedYou would probably end up with a lot of Cold Spots and not accomplish the goalIf the company that wants to do it can prove a good job via Infared camera then I'd let them tryIf they cannot prove a good job, then no deal.
I would get another estimateIt sounds like the company willing to do the insulation is willing to one-up their competitionI'm only familiar with cellulose in an attic floor setting with standard fiberglass in the wall panelsGood Luck.
if you have insulation in the walls now you can not add to it by blowing in more even if you could you would be destroying the r value of the old insulationif your town has Ariel maps of your area that shows the heat food print of your home you can see weather you are losing heat Thur your wall I would bet any heat lose will be around windows and doors about the only time blowen in insulation is used is to add to attic depth or in the case of no insulation in the walls Have a great day.
Both are rightAnybody can blow insulation into a wallBut to do it correctly, how would the new insulation go around the existing insulationBoth companies can do the job, but I think I would trust the second one more.
An electric blanket is a very simple thingThere are two main components: electrical resistance wire, and a temperature/voltage controllerThe resistance wire is a special type of wire that's designed to get hot when electrical current is run through itThe temperature controller is just like a dimmer switch that controls how much voltage (and therefore current) flows through the rest of the circuit (through the resistance wire)One important function of the controller is to reduce the voltage from the level it is at the wall (120V, typically) to something safer (like 24V or so)The controller can vary the voltage level to allow for different amounts of heatAdd a plug and some regular wire to the controller so it can plug into a wall, then some more regular wire and a plug to attach it to the resistance wireThe resistance wire is just sewn onto a blanket (which must be made of heat-resistant material)It just runs in a big loop that is shaped in a pattern to cover the whole area of the blanketThe two ends meet at a plug which attaches to the controller's wireI suppose a real electric blanket would add some safety features, like a fuse to cut off the electricity if for any reason there's too much current flowing.

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