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Help with human skeleton parts chair?

Okay so I am an author of an unofficial story, and I have a bad guy who is in charge of a skeleton army. When my protagonist comes to fight him, I want the boss to be in such a position that his head is detached and siting on his body, while it's shaped like a chair. So basically, a bone chair but the head is not attached. HOWEVER, anyone got Any idea of what will be the back, seat, legs, and maybe armrests? This skeleton needs to be able to stand up when the hero comes, so it has to be intact. Thanks to whoever answers!


The problem is making a 4-legged chair-shape out of a skeleton. Otherwise, the tibia/fibula would be the front legs, the femurs would be the seat, the radius/ulna would form the arm of the chair, and the ribs/spine would form the back. There are no bones to make the rear legs...

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